For one reason or another you’ve had to resort to a virtual Bachelorette Party. Maybe Coronavirus/COVID-19 threw a wrench in your plans but now is the time to put your bridesmaid skills to the test and come together to throw your bride a virtual Bachelorette Party! Today we are partnering with Got Your Bach, a boutique Bachelorette Party planning service, to share with you how to plan a virtual Bachelorette Party.

Where to start

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First, confirm a date and time with your bride. Be sensitive to her feelings and check in that she does still want to celebrate. Confirm that the original date still works for the bride. Be aware that depending on the bride and the wedding parties jobs as First Responders, health field, etc, they may no longer be available on the original scheduled date so don’t assume. Pick a day and block out a few hours where everywhere can attend.

Talk to the bride about her expectations. This weekend is about the bride to be and you want to make sure you are serving her in the best ways! Don’t assume what she wants. Ask her questions and really find out her expectations for the weekend. Does she want a lot of games or does she just want to sip on wine and catch up with the girls?

Talk about the budget, not everyone is going to be on the same page with budget right off the bat. The Maid of Honor can typically lead this conversation with the rest of the wedding party. Have a real conversation with everyone and work out a number that is comfortable and makes sense for all the attendees. 

How to make it special for your bride

Mail her a package or if you live in the same city drop it off on her door step! Make it personal and special with some of her favorite snacks or drink items. Include a Bride sash, t-shirt, anything you originally planned to gift her at the Bachelorette and maybe a little extra to make it special for her since you can’t all be together like originally planned.

Plan some games, Got Your Bach has got you covered here, with some of their favorite games included online in a bachelorette game bundle! Some games that are included are Wedding A-Z, Scavenger Hunts, and Would you Rather! They’re all fun and easy to play! Got Your Bach once built a scavenger hunt around Austin, TX for a bachelorette party and the girls split up in to teams and said it was the BEST time! They had so much fun!

Decor for photos and the back ground of your video chat. Got Your Bach go to decor is a DIY Balloon Garland from Lushra with any color tinsel underneath! It’s cute and so easy to make!

Photo by Abbie Mae Photography

Create a playlist, Got Your Bach has a pre-made playlist for you, because of course they think of everything! There are 50 songs you need to have on your bachelorette playlist, complete with the oldies like Let’s Go Girls by Shania Twain and No Scrubs by TLC all the way to all your favorite Beyonce jams.

Coordinate outfits, just because you won’t be together physically doesn’t mean you can’t have matching shirts and coozies! YES! Absolutely! Got Your Bach has created event branding packages for at home bachelorettes, to make coordinating outfits so easy! “We actually created a virtual bachelorette planning package that includes a shirt for the bride and you can get matching ones with her from our partner, Sprinkled With Pink! 

Coordinate mailing people their items

Got Your Bach recommends to send all your items to one person who can put it together in a box for the bride! Have her drop it off, or mail it to her all together so the bride gets one big box of all the fun loving things! 

Got Your Bach offers virtual bachelorette party planning

We’ve Got Your Bach if you’re having an in home bachelorette girls! We are here to create the best dang ever virtual bachelorette party.  From your personal mood board to bachelorette games you can play over Zoom, you will feel like you’re sipping Mai Tais in Miami! Each package includes their own special something, so check it out! If you want to read more details about it, head to our website to check out what’s all included! 

Let’s get this planning party started! Want Bianca Nichole Events to help plan your wedding day?  Click here to send us an inquiry!

Bianca Nichole Events is an Austin based wedding planner, and will travel to San Antonio, Fredericksburg and the surrounding Texas Hill Country area.

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