How it Began In 2016, a swipe right on Tinder began this love story between Charlie and Kayla. Since Charlie was in Arkansas for school at the time, the pair decided to stay friends until he moved back to San Antonio. From there, a beautiful relationship started, and the couple began planning their boho wedding […]

Boho Wedding at Swallow’s Eve

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How it Began New to Austin and not knowing anyone, Luke decided going to a local bar was the perfect place to make friends and become familiar with the town. Molly happened to work at the bar, and Luke quickly became one of her favorite regulars. They eventually decided to meet up outside of her […]

Disco Cowgirl Wedding at Mae’s Ridge

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There is a reason wedding planners exist, and we’re here to explain why a wedding planner is worth every penny. Like many things in life, you want to be able to hand your task over to a professional, someone who is an expert in XYZ field, and knows what they’re doing. Just like you visit […]

Why A Wedding Planner is Worth Every Penny

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Some of the most common questions we get are about how to have a seamless wedding day. While everyone’s wedding is different, we’ve compiled 8 tips that we find to make the biggest difference for your vendors, guests and yourselves on wedding day! Hire a wedding coordinator or planner. Okay, this one might be obvious! […]

8 Tips for a Seamless Wedding Day

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In September I met a bride who introduced me to an alternative flower option called sola wood flowers that are a fraction of the price and so unique!She wasn’t very concerned with having fresh flowers, she felt they were wasteful and preferred to spend her floral budget on upgraded rental options. As a wedding planner, […]

Sola Wood Flowers in San Antonio, TX

Sola wood flowers wedding bouquet

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If you are a Maid of Honor planning a Bridal Shower for your bride-to-be-bestie, here is a helpful checklist and a few recommendations on planning your event. First and foremost, coordinate with the bride. A bridal shower is traditionally planned by the Maid of Honor. Coordinate with your bride to be about what dates work […]

Your Guide to Planning a Bridal Shower

Bridal shower table decor

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Wedding planning brings a whirl of emotions. You will be excited one moment and stressed the next. There can be a lot of highs and lows of wedding planning (mostly highs though). During this time you will most likely look to your fiancé for guidance and reassurance in your decisions. If you are stuck on […]

5 Sure Ways to Get Your Groom Involved in Wedding Planning

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If you’re reading this you probably just got engaged or you are close to someone who just got engaged, either way CONGRATULATIONS are in order! You may be overwhelmed on where to start with your wedding planning, but I am here to help. A good place to start your planning is by attending a bridal […]

What You Need to Know About Attending a Bridal Show

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Once the engagement shock wears off, and you have popped open some champagne to celebrate, you should get down to business and establish a budget. You can keep your sanity in the months to come, if you establish a budget sooner rather than later. However, creating a budget can be difficult when you have no […]

How to Create a Wedding Budget-When You Have No Idea Where to Start

How to create a wedding budget

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If you aren’t like me and you haven’t binge watched almost every episode of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC, that’s perfectly fine. The good news is, I’m here to give you a summary of the most important things you can learn from from “Say Yes to the Dress” for your own wedding dress shopping […]

7 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

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