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Q: What are some examples of the prompts?
1. Write a short letter to a couple who may be stressed about wedding planning right now
2. What is a Final Walk Through and why is it important?
3. Tips for taking care of your care during a Summer wedding
4. Pros and Cons have having a friend officiate your wedding

Q: Are there caption prompts for my vendor category?
Absolutely! These caption prompts can be applied to any wedding vendor niche such as wedding planners, photographers, florists, hair and make up artists, stationery/calligraphers, cake bakers, bar/catering, DJ, and rentals.

Q: Are these prompts only good for Instagram?
While the caption prompts were created with Instagram in mind, you can absolutely use them as inspiration for blog content or video content such as IGTV topics or YouTube recordings.

Q: How will I receive the Content Calendar?
Immediately after purchase, you will receive a link to download your products in PDF form and bonus content through a Google Doc.

Refund Policy
Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

I'm Bianca, a Certified Wedding Planner in Austin, TX. I have been in the wedding industry for almost 3 years.

While building my business, I quickly realized how little information there was for marketing your wedding business and specifically how to use Instagram for your wedding business.

There are hundreds of resources out there for Instagram, how to grow your following, stock photo memberships, etc. But how many of them are geared towards Wedding Professionals? Well I can count them all on one hand. However, I constantly hear my colleagues dread posting to Instagram. I created The Wed Strategy to help wedding professionals book more couples through Instagram.

Every month I have at least 1 couple book me after finding me through Instagram. Most recently, I had my first same-sex couple find through Instagram and book me for Full Wedding Planning and Design! I’m passionate about helping you to do the same!

Right now, you’re struggling with marketing yourself on Instagram.

But imagine when you get a DM from a potential couple asking if you're available for their wedding date.

Imagine when a couple reaches out for a consult and says “I found you on Instagram.”

Imagine meeting a vendor for the first time and they mention “hey, I follow you on Instagram, I love your content!”

Imagine a consult call and half your sales pitch is already done because the couple has been following you on Instagram and already trusts you as a professional, they already feel like the know you and are excited to book!

These are all things that have happened to me and why I’m so passionate about teaching Wedding Professionals how to market themselves on Instagram!

Products planned to be released in 2020:
 > Hashtag list 
> Video + Guide: How to find the best hashtags for your market 
> Stock images
> E-book: The Complete Guide to Instagram for Wedding Pros

> BONUS: Become a lifetime member and receive discounts for each new product that is released.
($200+ value)

> 6 months worth of caption prompts specifically for wedding businesses (that's 200+ caption prompts)

> show your knowledge of the industry, show your expertise and why clients should hire YOU

> know exactly what to post on what day of the week, no more feeling clueless

> BONUS: A fillable calendar to help you plan your own content, fill in your own captions and notes about your content plan ($19)

> BONUS: additional caption prompts for you to interchange with the calendar if you don’t like the current days prompt ($99)

Here's what you'll receive:

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Now only $39

That’s exactly why I created The Wed Strategy and first on the release list: THE CONTENT CALENDAR.

What if there was a way to never run out of ideas for your Instagram content?

What if you knew exactly what to post because you had a calendar with caption prompts for every day for the rest of the year!

Tell me if this sounds like you: you know you need to post on Instagram more regularly but every time you sit down to plan you’re staring at your computer screen clueless on what to write.

You give up on planning content and decide I’ll come up with something in the moment, I’m always better on the spot…but then you’re sitting in your car 5 minutes before your next meeting and still lost on what to post that you end up not posting at all.

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Now only $39

With this 6 month Content Calendar there is no need for staring at your computer screen lost on what to write. You will instantly have caption prompts for the rest of the 2020 calendar year! 

What if you never had to come up with an idea for your Instagram caption again?

2020 content calendar

Now only $39