So exciting – you’re a bridesmaids or groomsmen! Your friend just got engaged and has chosen you to be in their wedding party. Let the fun begin! Wrapped up in all the fun though, are quite a few tasks the bride or groom may be worrying about. Here’s a few things you can help out with during the wedding planning process:

The Full Guide to Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Duties Part 1: Before Wedding Day

Engagement party or shower planning

One of the first things a newly engaged couple will do is host and engagement party or a shower. Offering to help plan this event can be super helpful! Research some potential venues, caterers and decor options. If you are able to send a few options for the couple to choose from, it makes their job so much easier! 

Bachelor(ette) Party Planning

Another big event prior to wedding day is the bachelor or bachelorette party. This can be anything from a one-night event, to a whole weekend away! Talk with the couple to determine what they’re thinking. Usually, the best man or maid/matron of honor is responsible for most of the planning, but the more hands on deck the better! Offer to help with a specific part, like location scouting or booking hotels. Keep in mind that offering to pitch in financially for the bachelor(ette) party is a huge help to relieve burden from the couple as they have many expenses associated with the wedding day.

Stand in as a photographer!

For events prior to the wedding day, the couple may not hire a professional photographer. If you have a phone with a nice camera, take photos and videos throughout the event! Even if they aren’t professional quality, they’ll be nice to look back on and remember. Everyone loves a good candid! An easy way to share these with the couple would be through something like Google Drive, or Dropbox! 

If you’re good with a camera, you might even take some photos on wedding day. Make sure to not interfere with any professional photographers, but gathering some BTS shots for the couple to have before their full gallery is ready will be greatly appreciated!

Keep yourself and other wedding party members on track

Get your dress or tux on time, and keep other wedding party members on track, too! Often tines suit, tux or dress rentals take a few months to come in so you will want to order with plenty of time before the wedding. Add any “order-by” dates to your calendar, and set a reminder for a while before. You’ll want to order before the very last minute, incase you need alterations or if there is a delay in ordering. Remind all other wedding party members to order their outfits, too! This includes things like shoes or specific accessories you might need. Sending out regular reminders can help keep everyone on track!

Help with DIY projects

If the couple will be DIY-ing anything for their wedding, get crafty with them! Even if you think you aren’t the most artistically skilled, some projects are easier than they look! At the very least, you could help with getting everything packed up for wedding day. Wrapping everything up and packing into boxes to transport to the venue can be pretty time consuming! If you’re able to – it’s also a great idea to offer to do the transportation and delivery. An SUV and some strength are definitely useful for this task! However, make sure you won’t be late for any getting-ready you’ll have to do. 

Share ideas

With all of the ideas out there, it can be hard to narrow down! You know the couple best. Offer any ideas you think would suit them! From honeymoon ideas, to decor or rehearsal dinner restaurants. Some couples have everything planned early on, but they’ll appreciate your thoughtful ideas. You could also send secret ideas to the opposite spouse so they can surprise your friend! 

Assist with out of town guests if you’re local

If you live local to the wedding venue, offer to help with guests who are traveling in! Pick them up from the airport, or compile some local recommendations for guests to check out. If the couple hasn’t reserved a room block at a hotel, you may also have some insight on places for guests to stay!

Schedule appointments

As wedding day approaches, there will be tons of appointments to schedule. From a last minute hair cut, to nail appointments or spray tans – help schedule it! Make sure to consult with the couple on their availability, and confirm the appointment with them. Sending a calendar invite is a great way to make sure they know where to be and when! 

We all know planning a wedding can be stressful. As a member of the wedding party, you have plenty of opportunities to help out if you’re able to! Your friend will greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer. Most importantly, be there for your friend! This is a very exciting and important time in their life, and they want you to be there by their side. Stay tuned for more ideas on how you can help out your newly engaged couple. We’ll be diving into some wedding day tasks soon! 

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