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Early in your business you will realize you need some sort of client management tool or CRM. Since the beginning of my business I have used Dubsado, I have done trials with other companies but they either didn’t have a feature I needed or I just couldn’t justify the large price difference. It always comes back to Dubsado, so here’s how I use it and why I love it!

1. Manages my inquiry process

Through Dubsado I have an inquiry form linked on my website, once someone fills it out boom I have all of their necessary info in my inbox and a new project is automatically started within Dubsado.

I then have an automatic email that is trigged to send to the couple to schedule a consultation call. Before the email is sent, I am sent a trigger notification to confirm I am available on their date. Once I hit yes, the email is automatically sent to them. This saves so much time and I often get responses back from couples saying “thanks for responding so fast.”

2. Scheduling appointments

You are able to link the Dubsado scheduler to an outside calendar, for this I have it linked to my Google Calendar. If someone wants to schedule an appointment, I just send them the scheduler link and then Dubsado shows them my available times based on 1. the availability from my google calendar 2. appointments I may already have scheduled 3. the office hours I have set as my preferred work hours. You can save your availability for multiple meeting types so say you only want to allow client design meetings on Mondays, you can create a new scheduler type of Design Meetings with only Monday availability for your clients to choose from. You can send a link or embed the link on your site to have people schedule a meeting with you.

Once a meeting is scheduled, the client will also receive an automatic reminder before the meeting time. Super easy and valuable!


3. Send CUSTOMIZED proposals, contracts, invoices and collect payments

You are able to send client proposals with multiple package options, add pictures, and change colors to match your branding. Everything can also be branded with your logo.

Once a client accepts the proposal, I have it automatically set to send them a contract and invoice based on the package and payment plan they selected. Again, this saves me so much time. I am a control freak so I always double check it, but its rare I have to make a change the system usually does it just right.

In the contract, it automatically fills in the clients names and contact information, the package they selected, payment plans, their wedding date, everything that pertains specifically to them is automatically transferred where its supposed to be in the contract. Once I send it, I am able to see when they have received it, reviewed and signed. The signature is collected electronically and payments are accepted through various forms, such as PayPal and Stripe. If the client pays you by cash or check, you can log that as well.

Heard enough and ready to give Dubsado a try? Use my code bnevents for 20% off!

4. Client Portal

I use this area to share forms with couples of additional information I may need such as their song list, vendor contracts, questions about the timeline, etc. You can create as many forms as you want and email them to the client but everything can also be stored here in one convenient place.

This is password protected so you can use for each couple securely. They can view their contract with me, payment due dates, make a payment or an appointment through their client portal. I also am able to share different PDF or links with them such as my PDF of preferred vendors and links to their budget, timeline and checklist.

You are also able to customize this area with your logo, brand color or pictures.

Example of client portal in Dubsado

5. Automation and workflows

There is basically endless options for this! I use the automations for sending an email to a new inquiry, send out automatic payment reminders and ask for a review 1 month after the wedding.

Workflows allow you to set up trigger or domino effect type of options such as when me client submits this form, send them this email, etc. Like I said its basically endless and there are so many support articles through Dubsado to walk you through this or their support chat is helpful as well. There is also a Dubsado FB group where people can give you guidance or ideas on how to use workflows.

6. Keeps track of my income and expenses

Since I accept payments through Dubsado, I am able to see all of my sales and income in a quick snapshot. You can easily and quickly create reports for the week, month, year, etc. I love this because I can easily know how much I brought in for the month and where I’m at with my sales and income goals.

You can also track expenses if you desire to give you an either further look into your finance numbers.

7. Set price

One of my favorite parts about Dubsado in comparison to other tools that businesses use is that the rate does not change based on the amount of clients you have. The only time your plan price changes is if you want to add an additional business brand or add on more than 3 team members. So for most small business the base plan works great!

You can sign up for a FREE trial and play around with the tools as much as you want for up to 3 projects/clients

When you find, your business is ready to upgrade, Dubsado is regularly $35 a month or $350 a year, which I have found to be very competitive against other softwares. Use my code bnevents for 20% off!

Bianca Nichole Events is a wedding planner in Austin, and will travel to San Antonio, Fredericksburg and the surrounding Texas Hill Country area.

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