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Are you confused on why your Instagram posts aren’t getting more likes or why your followers increase by maybe 1 a week. Sound familiar?

The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing and trying to keep up with the changes can be exhausting but one thing we know about the algorithm is that Instagram likes hashtags!

How to use hashtags on instagram

Let’s start with the basics. What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is the pound sign (#) followed by a word or words that serve as a search term for the image or post. Example: #outdoorwedding with a picture of an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Think of hashtags as a search term similar to what you would type into Google or a search engine.

Adding hashtags to your posts can help new clients find you when they are searching for vendors or wedding inspiration.

Should I put my hashtags in the caption or the comment section?

It doesn’t make a difference if you include the hashtags in the caption or in the comments, this is strictly preference. However, you do want to add them as soon as possible because Instagram will show posts using that hashtag in order of when the image was posted. So if you post a picture and an hour later add hashtags, you are less likely to be found because your post is now categorized with the posts an hour ago (goes by your original post time not the time you posted the hashtags)

I prefer to include my hashtags in the comments to provide a cleaner look in the caption space, but again this is strictly preference. You do you-boo!

How many hashtags should I be using?

In an Instagram feed post, you can use up to 30 hashtags, but don’t let this overwhelm you. If you only have time to add in 5 hashtags that is better than none. I recommend using a scheduling app like Planoly or Tailwind that can store your hashtags for you. If you’re just getting started with Instagram and don’t have one of those accounts yet, creating a “note” in your phone with a list of hashtags is a great option, this way you can copy and paste the hashtags when you are ready to post.

If you’re able to, I recommend using the maximum 30 hashtags. Think of it like this if you could reach 30 couples versus 5 couples with one post, wouldn’t you want to increase your odds? Thats what using the maximum amount of hashtags is doing, giving you maximum chances of exposure.

Scheduling Tip: There is a “Hashtag” section within Planoly where you can create different hashtag groups and have them pre-saved. This helps me tremendously! You can add them into a scheduled post or you can copy and paste in real time if you didn’t get a chance to schedule out posts the way you hoped.

I use Planoly for all of my Instagram scheduling and posting. Using a content scheduler like Planoly has made sure I get the most out of my posts and help me to strategically schedule my Instagram content.

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