Kirsten Wong, San Antonio Wedding Calligrapher and owner of Cottonwood Print has been such a sweet and creative inspiration to me the past year. Kirsten started her adventure with calligraphy in January 2017. What started as just a hobby, quickly became her full time business just a few months later in March 2017.

San Antonio calligrapher

A little background

Before Kirsten was a full time calligrapher, she taught as a Kindergarten teacher for four years. “Once I had my son and we moved to a different city, I stayed at home to be with him and knew I wanted a different career where I would be able to be with him full time and still pursue something that I loved.” 

How did you get into calligraphy? 

“I have always been artistically creative when I was younger and would doodle or write with different typefaces and lettering styles just for fun. It wasn’t until I was randomly browsing Instagram many years later where I saw other calligraphers and artists doing this as their career. I decided to just create a few prints to sell online which led to inquiries for weddings, which is what I primarily do now.” She describes her style as modern, whimsical and romantic.  “My style is a lot more loose and freeform compared to traditional calligraphy.”

What is your favorite material to write on and why? 

“As much as I work with a variety of paper, I love writing on anything unconventional. It creates a challenge to find the perfect paints, inks and tools to use and it’s always fun to see the final product on something different. Foliage, cakes, leather jackets, agate slices and ceramic pottery have been some of my favorite pieces to write on.”

Destined to be creative

If Kirsten wasn’t a calligrapher she would still pursue a career where she could be artistically creative. “Something in possibly interior design for small business storefronts or a children’s book author and illustrator.”

What does a typical work day look like for you? 

“Since I have my kids with me full time as well as run my business full time, each day is different and I try to find a balance between both by batching my work during the week. I typically schedule marketing and social media management, website updates, administrative tasks and client work on specific days to get everything done. It’s really just trying to weave in work time in between mom life with two toddlers. lol”

San Antonio calligrapher at The Allen Farmhaus in New Braunfels, TX
Photo by Jessica Elle Photography

Advice for couples who are wedding planning

“The biggest piece of wedding advice I have is to hire the professionals! I learned that the hard way as a DIY bride trying to plan everything for my wedding which caused so much unnecessary worry and stress. Having an excellent team of vendors will make your entire experience so much more worthwhile than trying to do everything yourself.”

Marriage advice for life after the big day

“As for marriage advice, I would say to continue to learn and grow in your relationship as you go through life as a married couple. Things will naturally ebb, flow and change as you experience life together, so it is important for a couple to continue to always love and support one another.”

Any wedding traditions you love? 

“I love seeing the bride walk down the aisle and when the couple officially has their first dance together.”

Why she loves working with brides

“Since everything I design with our brides is custom made, I love creating details through our stationery and signage that are personal and meaningful to them. Each and every piece is unique to their style and I enjoy designing pieces that celebrate their love story.”

What is a fun fact that most people don’t know about Kirsten? 

“I grew up in a family that loved to sing and was very musical. I learned to play the piano, violin and guitar when I was younger and am usually always listening to music especially when I’m doing calligraphy or painting in the studio.”

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