Wow y’all, the past 6 months have been quite the roller coaster. I have been missing from the blog and I feel like I needed to give you some updates and most importantly share what I’ve learned and what I am planning.

To rewind a little bit, in February 2018 I quit my corporate job, left my $50,000 salary and benefits in order to put my happiness and somewhat my sanity, first. I had reached a point in my life where my work had become overwhelming and threatening to my health. For a year I battled with migraines and it became so bad that I was experiencing them almost every day. If you have never had a migraine, it’s worth me noting what you experience. My migraines would cause a headache, that was so severe, I couldn’t be exposed to light because it would make the pain worse. I often was nauseous and would throw up as my body was reacting to the pain. I couldn’t look at my phone screen or have loud noises around me. It was some what debilitating to where the only thing that made me feel better was to sleep and hope when I woke up, the pain would be gone. Many mornings I would sit on my bathroom floor with the lights off just crawling back and forth to throw up in my toilet. (sorry for the visual) This was such a challenging time in my life, that it even caused me to have Anxiety and Depression because I was so miserable with how my body felt and the limitations I had.

After some serious prayer and time to evaluate my options. I finally felt that it was best to leave my job as I had tried a dozen different medications, been hospitalized and was missing majority of the work week due to being sick. Within a month of leaving my job, my migraines reduced significantly! From having migraines almost every day, to about once a week, then soon they were only once a month. Now, I haven’t had a migraine for about 2 months, and the frequency of my regular headaches has also decreased significantly.

It’s crazy how stress can effect your body. This was a huge sign for me that I was in the wrong industry. For almost 3 years I had pursued Sales as a career but once stress took a toll on my body I soon realized that I needed to make a change. About a year before I quit my job, I had started to find interest in event planning. I had always loved the aspects of event planning, being organized, and the ability to be creative while helping celebrate such special moments. I always considered event planning to be a hobby, just something I was good at. It never occurred to me that I could do this as a career and actually make a living from it.

Fast forward to today, I have completed an internship with a local Wedding Planner and assisted for a styled shoot. I am working full time for a bridal shop. I have taken any and almost every opportunity to meet new wedding industry professionals and learn what I should or shouldn’t be doing as a Wedding Planner. I am very blessed for the opportunities that have come my way as I pursue this new career path. As I continue to learn from industry professionals and my mentors, I have started to make plans for my own Wedding and Event Planning business and hope to launch within the next year. I have so many ideas in mind of what this business could be and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

As I start to build my business and relationships, follow along on my Instagram and blog for updates, continued wedding tips and inspiration!

P.S. I hit the year countdown to my wedding day!! Only 341 days until I am a Mrs!

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