Wedding planning brings a whirl of emotions. You will be excited one moment and stressed the next. There can be a lot of highs and lows of wedding planning (mostly highs though). During this time you will most likely look to your fiancé for guidance and reassurance in your decisions. If you are stuck on when or how to involve him, I’ve outlined 5 sure ways to get your groom involved.

how to get your groom involved in wedding planning

1. Talk it out

After your engagement, start talking to your groom about wedding plans. Ask what kind of wedding he imagines, does he want to be married in a church or have a destination wedding? Make sure you are taking any hopes he has for the wedding into consideration.

Pick a date – discuss the best date for your wedding day. You want to make sure your date doesn’t interfere with a busy season at work. Also, keep in mind planning the date around any family reunions or other big family events such as graduation or birthday parties.

Guest list – discuss what mutual friends you will or will not invite. Ask for his help gathering names of his family members, along with their addresses or contact information.

2. Food and Alcohol Tasting

Who doesn’t love free things especially FREE FOOD. Leave the florist meeting for your Maid of Honor and bring your groom to the food tastings! Most catering companies offer a complimentary tasting of their menu before you hire them. Take your groom along with you to the food, cake and bartender tastings. These tastings can sometimes be hard because you have so many options in front of you, so you will appreciate having his opinion to help you decide.

3. Gift Registry

This is one of the best parts of wedding planning because its both fun and easy. Make a list of what items you both have and what you will still need. When creating gift registries, think about what style you want in your future home together and think about your hobbies. If both love the outdoors, feel free to register for some new camping gear. If you both love to cook, then add a spice rack and that new knife block you’ve been wanting. Collaborate together and have fun selecting your potential new gifts!

4. Use his skills

Everyone has a special talent or hobby that can be used for the greater good! Use your grooms skills to help with wedding planning.

Handy man- If you are building anything for the wedding such as tables, an arch or signs, ask your fiancé to help you sand and cut the wood. This can be a project you work on together or you can completely assign the handy work task to him. He will enjoy seeing his hard work come together on the wedding day and you can brag to your guests about how he built everything.

Numbers guy-ask him to create the wedding budget. Work together on a comfortable number and do research on industry costs.

Check out my post about how to create a wedding budget: How to Create a Wedding Budget-When You Have No Idea Where to Start

Creative eye/artistic-if your guy has the creative eye or is good with computers, ask him to create your “save the date” template and use an online company like or to print them out. He can also help create your wedding website.

5. Honeymoon

Consult your groom on where he would like to go for your honeymoon. Give him a task like researching hotels, finding your flights, hiring a travel agent or even researching places to eat and things to do while you are on your honeymoon. Dreaming about vacation in the middle of wedding planning is sure to get your guy pumped up!

honeymoon planning


Don’t forget the reason you’re planning your wedding: to be married. At the end of the day, don’t stress if your groom doesn’t seem to be involved. If he doesn’t seem interested in planning, don’t panic that he’s getting cold feet, most guys are very laid back about planning the wedding and trust you to make the decisions. If you do have a groom who is highly involved and eager to plan, thank him for attending vendor meetings and lean on him for the tough decisions. Either way, what matters most is the person you are marrying and the future you’re planning after the wedding, so don’t stress about the in between.

What areas did your groom enjoy most about wedding planning? What was the hardest part to get him involved in? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Tanya Viljoen

    May 11th, 2018 at 5:44 am

    This is such a helpful post – there are not many posts like this! All the focus are normally on the bride and no one really thinks about the groom’s role in the wedding planning process and on the day of the wedding, even. Thanks for the great post, B!


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