About Me

Well hello there,

So who is this Busy B person? Well my name is actually Bianca but my friends call me “B.” Born and raised in South Texas. My life consists of Jesus, my fiancé and my fluff ball of a pup, Lola Bear. I am pretty easy to please just give me a good mimosa or invite me to a comedy movie and we can probably be friends.

I am inspired by Hailey Paige, Beyonce, Ellen Degeneres and Blair Waldorf. Just to name a few powerful women.

My story is still be written so I’ll make sure to update you along the way.

I am here to help other busy brides as you plan your big day and would love to answer any questions to you may have.

If you’re still reading and want to know more about how this wonderful blog came about read all the juicy details here.


Busy B