Reasons to start a blog

Why I Decided to Start a Blog

Reasons to start a blog

Blogging has become more popular over the years. There is a whole community within blogging because there is so many different topics to write about. Some families have started blogs about parenting tips and some women have talked about what to expect during pregnancy. There is fashion/lifestyle blogs you can follow if you admire someones fashion sense or beauty routine and you want to the inside scoop on where to go to match their style. You probably have a friend or two who writes a blog and their reasons for starting may all be different.

I decided to start a blog for two main reasons.

1. Stress Relief

In late 2016, I was diagnosed with migraines. Full blown migraines, with nausea and vomiting. Some episodes my migraine has been so bad that I will just lay on my bath room floor in the dark because the light in every part of the house is too much.

As of today we have not been able to find a WHY. Is it because I eat wheat and gluten, I drink wine, hormones, the weather outside, we have no idea. I have taken an MRI, that was normal. We have ruled out almost every possible scenario.  I have tried a dozen over the counter and prescription medications. I have tried essential oils, CBD oil, even an ear piercing. Everything I have tried provides little to no relief. My migraines last 24-72 hours and they happen 1 to 3 times a week. Basically a good portion of my life is being taken up by these wonderful migraines (sarcasm) and the only thing doctors can tell me is “well, it must be stress.”

Now that is a frustrating answer because everyone is stressed. For the past year I tried to find other reasons why my migraines were being caused but with no luck, I have come to accept that maybe this is true and that I just need to manage my stress better. So I have decided that through a creative outlet, I will share my lifestyle and mainly wedding planning, in hopes of reliving some stress and inspiring others.

Have you thought about starting your own blog? use the link below to start your own site.

2.Share My Passion

Did I mention I’m obsessed with weddings? Let me elaborate.

I have always LOVED weddings. Even when I was a child, my heart felt “warm and fuzzy,” when I saw the bride walk down the aisle. When other children my age probably said “yuck!” at the first kiss, I was gleaming with awe. As I’ve grown up, I’ve become fascinated with every part of weddings. The dress styles, DIY centerpieces, bridesmaid dress trends, even the wedding hashtag options (I LOVE IT ALL!) I am in love with love and the opportunity to celebrate such a wonderful moment.

It wasn’t until this past year that I realized this obsession was a passion. My friends and family always mentioned to me that I had an eye for detail, patience for party planning, organization skills, etc. So I decided to learn more about the wedding industry and pursue this passion by shadowing a wedding planner. I am also recently engaged so I hope you follow along for the ride as I share all the details about what I learn as a wedding planning assistant and plan my own wedding.

What are some questions you have about wedding planning that I can answer first? Leave them below in the comments, xoxo