Making Goals for the New Year

Reviewing 2017 and Making Goals for the New Year

How do you make goals for the new year? A new year is approaching so of course everyone is in the resolution phase. Which I’ve never been a big fan of the New Year resolution idea. Heres why 1. Most people don’t follow through with their resolutions. 2. Why are you waiting for a new year to start a resolution?

Every day is a new day to make a change or to better yourself. You don’t have to wait around for a new year.

So in this post, I want to help you make some goals for the new year. Reflect on the past year and think what did I enjoy and what do I want to continue? Did you reach that goal of completing a 5k and now you want to train for a half marathon? At the same time, you have to address the low parts of the year. What happened that I want to make sure doesn’t carry on into the new year and how can I  improve? Of course some things may be out of your control but others you may be able to prevent. Was there a relationship you lost, can you develop better communication in the new year and rebuild the relationship?

I will share with you my year and what goals I have put together maybe this will help you start your own goals. Overall, I have to say 2017 was a great year for me. I did have some struggling moments such as my migraines, and others that you will read below. I realized that God blessed me abundantly this past year and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Because I had such a great year, I would like to continue some things and build upon others.

Here is a review of what I accomplished in 2017, the blessings God sent and what goals I have for the new year!

Goals for new year

1. Pray Everyday

I am blessed. You are blessed. I am a firm believer that every good thing is from above. Even if 2017 was the worst year of your life, some thing great is ahead for you. Be faithful to God and He will reward you. Never stop your faith and never stop praying. Pray in thanks, and pray when you need help.

This past year I was in a car accident. Which ultimately left my car to be undrivable, needing transmission repair estimating $4500. The other driver was proved to be at fault for all other damages, yet his insurance company refused to pay for my transmission damage. It was a messy and stressful 2 months between insurance companies and sharing a car with my boyfriend (who is now my fiancé-whoo hoo). My dad even let us borrow his car to help out. But in the midst of all that chaos I forgot how powerful our God is!! Gosh, there were times I cried in frustration thinking I don’t know how this situation can possibly be fixed. It seemed like every day was another dead end and more bad news. At a loss of hope, I realized I needed to give my worries to God. So I prayed for strength to let God handle my fears. Then I started with a peaceful relief, I realized all of the blessings in this chaotic situation. My accident could have been a lot worse, no one was injured- thank God! He blessed me to be in a financial situation that allowed me to purchase a new car in my own name. And He abundantly blessed me with friends and family who gave me rides, advice, and resources during this difficult time.

Our God is a powerful God and He will NEVER abandon you as long as you are truly open to receiving His love. Blessings are all around us.

2. Grow My Blog

The past year although wonderful was filled with unnecessary anxiety and stress. I say unnecessary because I realized I need to do a better job of managing my stress and letting go of the small stuff. Which is one of the reasons I started my blog.

Once I researched how to start a blog, I realized blogging is a whole new world. I was intrigued and I liked what I found. So for the new year I have decided to pick up a new hobby and focus a good amount of energy on my blog in hopes of earning a little extra income to help pay for my wedding (hey, those things are expensive!) and inspire some brides with my advice.

3. Travel to a New Place

In 2017, I traveled more than I ever have before and I am extremely blessed to say that. I only hope I can continue my experiences.

In January, I traveled to New Jersey and New York and my first day in town, the weather was 8 DEGREES! I was born and raised in Texas so this was a freak out moment for your girl. Short tripso I didn’t get to see too much but I visited Manhattan area and had dinner for the night in the City.Morriston New Jersey

Morristown, NJ


Mom and I visited New Orleans, LA for my second time but this was a special trip because it was my first time experiencing Mardi Gras! You will see NOLA in a whole new light when you go for Mardi Gras.

St Louis Cathedral New Orleans Louisiana

St Louis Cathedral | New Orleans, La

Acme Oyster House New Orleans Louisiana

Acme Oyster House | New Orleans, La


I visited my friend in Atlanta, GA and this is definitely on my bucket list to return some day. There is so many outdoor parks and places to eat-I fell in love with the views and tall green trees. During my stay, I also had time to drive an hour south to Peachtree, GA to visit my sorority’s headquarters. Even though I am graduated and an alumna member, it was still amazing to learn more about the history of our sorority and meet more sisters.


Sun Dial Restaurant Atlanta Georgia

Sun Dial Restaurant | Atlanta, GA


Back to New Jersey and New York, which was a work trip but a co-worker who has turned into a good friend of mine extended the trip with me to venture New York. This trip I visited Brooklyn, Times Square and Central Park, added bonus-the weather was much warmer this time.

Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn New York

Brooklyn Bridge | Brooklyn, Ny

Mom and I took a girls trip to Nashville, TN and I seriously think I came back 5 pounds heavier. This place takes a close second to New Orleans for the best food, but really there are so many amazing local food places we ran out of time to visit them all and each one was equally delicious! The Pharmacy Burger Parlor was one of my favorites for lunch or dinner, they also have craft beers for you to adventure into. By the way-Nashville makes some STRONG drinks, I mean they are not shy about their alcohol servings.

The Pharmacy Burger Parlor Nashville Tennessee

The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden | Nashville, TN

4. Take more pictures

Looking back on my trips,  I realized I didn’t photograph half of what I saw. I always try to live in the moment and experience what I’m seeing so I didn’t want to be glued behind my phone take pictures, but I realized now I don’t have much to look back on. Definitely a bummer but an easy fix!

5. Volunteer at an animal shelter

March of this year we decided (mostly me, but my fiancé agreed because he loves me) to foster a dog. We already have one dog, who we rescued from the local animal shelter in February of 2016 but I wanted to do more to help and I thought that Lola would enjoy having a friend around. So we found Darla, who is the sweetest grandma of a pup. She is estimated to be 10 years old and was in a car accident which caused her to lose her front left leg.

When we brought her home she couldn’t walk at all, she bear crawled to get around and if it was a long distance I would pick her up and carry her. Every day we would try and encourage her to get up and walk, by cheering her on and tempting her with treats, and finally after about 3 weeks she just surprised us and decided to hop along to the back patio. It was only a few feet but it was what I imagine parents feel seeing their children take their first steps. To know everything she had been through, seeing her depressed and not wanting to move around and here she was-she decided I’m going to try this walking thing again.

She was so resilient and inspiring. Now Darla has been adopted by my aunt so we still see her on occasion and she is walking along just fine! Seeing Darla flourish brought me so much joy and more importantly, I know we did the same for her so I want to continue volunteering at the shelter this upcoming year.


Remember, every day is a new day to make a change or to better yourself. You don’t have to wait around for a new year. What are some of your goals for the new year?


Busy B